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Locations We Serve


Located on the corner of Greenlake Drive and North 80th, our Greenlake location offers easy street parking or parking in the building. Proudly serving the North Seattle area for over 16 years.

Downtown Redmond

Located on Redmond Way in the Pointe Redmond Shopping Center, our Redmond location offers parking in the front or back of our salon. Proudly serving the Downtown Redmond area for over 12 years.

Lower Queen Anne

Located on 1st. Avenue North and Republican Street in The Expo building, our Lower Queen Anne location offers street parking or parking in the garage. Public Customer Parking is located in the Expo Garage on Warren/Republican. Proudly serving the Queen Anne area for over 9 years now.


New location Now Open!

It is one street south of the Alderwood Mall. Located at the Alexan Access Apartments Retail Space. Lots of retail parking