Eyelash Extensions Done Right!

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Our Approach

Here at the Lash & Wax Boutique, we are constantly repairing damaged lash extensions, improper applications or general poor aesthetics. We want to educate our customers as to why our approach is different than others, we like to call it; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The Good

The Bad

The Ugly

1. My eyelash extensions feel comfortable.

2. When my natural lash sheds, there is only one false lash attached to it.

3. My licensed esthetician used a variety of lash sizes when applying my extensions.

4. Every lash extension is placed to my individual lash.

5. People can't tell that I am wearing lash extensions.

6. I can comb through my lash extensions with a lash comb, without pulling any lashes out.

7. My lash technician is a Washington State licensed esthetician.

8. My lash technician has been trained in applying eyelash extensions for at least 3 months, before applying lashes on me.

Our Approach

1. There are more than one of my lashes attached to the
lash extension.

2. I feel or see chunks of glue.

3. The lash extensions are drooping into my vision.

4. I can feel my own eyelashes are being pulled out.

5. I can't comb through my lashes

6. Every other fill appointment they make me do a full set again.

7. My eyelashes are coming out in chunks.

8. I quit maintaining extensions, but now my lashes are sparse.

9. My eye area is swollen or very itchy.

1. My lashes look like a spider web.

2. My lashes are drooping to the right or left.

3. I have the same lash size from one end of my eye to the other.

4. I think they used only one size lash extension.

5. The lash extension isn't placed to the base of my lash.

6. I just didn't get the look I was going for.